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Contribution to the Resolution of Social Issues

The Pigeon Group has achieved harmonious coexistence with people in local communities through a positive communication approach, which fosters a sense of trust.

Social Contribution Activities

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Newborn Baby Commemorative Tree-Planting Campaign

Over the years, we have continuously held our annual Newborn Baby Commemorative Tree-Planting Campaign, which began in 1986. Under the slogan “Raising Children, Raising Trees: The Spirit Is the Same,” the campaign celebrates children born in each particular year. The campaign is held at the “Pigeon Miwa no Mori” site, a combination of national forest and Pigeon-owned land near Hitachi-Omiya, Ibaraki Prefecture. To date, we have planted 157,500 trees on behalf of 220,000 babies under the campaign.
In 2007, we built a log house called “Sukusuku House” at the Pigeon Miwa no Mori site that is open year-round. Inside, there is a list of tree planters’ names and the babies to whom the trees are dedicated, as well as written messages from their respective parents. Visitors can freely browse and relive memories of their babies’ births. We will continue working to create memories for parents and children.

  • Newborn Baby Commemorative Tree-Planting Campaign

  • Sukusuku House

Collaborative Project with Local Communities on Disaster Preparedness for Babies

In order to make "disaster preparedness for babies" a common concept in society, we have newly declared the "Disaster Preparedness for babies promoting project" and have started activities in cooperation with local governments and companies that support the project.

Disaster Preparedness for Babies Project (Japanese)

As a part of the project, we have donated "sonaetta" series of products including Emergency Baby Cups and Antibacterial/ Antiviral Compact Bed, which can be used in times of disaster and evacuations, to 8 municipalities in order to promote awareness of the importance of disaster preparedness for babies in society and the need of stockpiles.

8 Municipalities distributed to:
Kamakura City (Kanagawa Prefecture), Otsuki City (Yamanashi Prefecture), Miki City (Hyogo Prefecture), Ikoma City (Nara Prefecture), Miyake Town (Nara Prefecture), Kumamoto City (Kumamoto Prefecture), Nobeoka City (Miyazaki Prefecture)
*In order of Municipal code from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Products donated and quantity (8 Municipalities total):
『sonaetta: Emergency Baby Cups 』:1,500 pieces
『sonaetta: Antibacterial/ Antiviral Compact Bed』:100 units

News Release (Japanese)

"Disaster Preparedness for Babies" Co-Creation Project

Helping to Protect Babies from Disaster (Japan-Pigeon)

Corporate-led volunteer activity

Pigeon Corporation launched its corporate-led volunteer program, in which employees can participate by taking volunteer leave. In corporate-led volunteer activities, companies play a leading role in presenting possible volunteer activities to their employees, allowing interested employees to volunteer, and then carrying out the activities with the assembled team of volunteers. In 2022, a total of 32 employees participated in four different activities targeting babies, their families and local communities. We will continue to resolve social issues and reduce our environmental impact through company-led volunteer activities.

For more details, please check "Our Sustainable Actions."

Supporting Babies with Cleft Lip and/or Palate (China)

In May 2021, Pigeon (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (PSH) cooperated with NPO Operation Smile in support of an initiative to provide surgery for babies with cleft lip and/or palate in Yunnan Province, China.

For more details, please check "Our Sustainable Actions."

 ・Supporting Babies with Cleft Lip and/or Palate (China)

Ocean Cleanup (Turkey)

Lansinoh is committed to a healthy future for the babies and their families we serve and the planet we live on.In celebration of this year’s World Environment Day, Lansinoh Laboratories Medical Devices Design Industry and Commerce Ltd.Co. took a step towards cleaning the seas.

For more details, please check "Our Sustainable Actions."

 ・Ocean Cleanup (Turkey)

Providing Scholarships to Students

The Pigeon Scholarship Foundation, a public interest incorporated foundation, aims to realize a society in which all mothers can give birth and raise children with peace of mind, while fostering the healthy lives and growth of mothers and babies. The Foundation provides scholarship support, with no repayment required, to students in the neonatal, pediatric, and obstetrics departments of universities (students majoring in medicine at domestic general universities or medical universities). In the fiscal year ended December 2022, the Foundation provided financial support to 100 students at 21 universities (total of fifth-year and sixth-year students).

Supporting Children's Creativity

Since 1980, Pigeon has been a supporter of the Tomorrow’s Science Children’s Art Exhibition, which encourages children, our future world leaders, to freely express their visions of future science. The exhibition is hosted annually by the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (JIII). Our involvement stems from an endowment made to JIII by Pigeon founder Yuichi Nakata in order to help foster children’s creativity. The endowment funds prize money that is presented by the Institute to kindergartens attended by children who win the JIII Chairman’s Award or the Excellence Award.

Amounts Spent on Social Contribution Activities

Unit: million yen





Pigeon Group

Total amount spent*¹




Of which, total value of monetary donations and goods donated to non-profit organizations*²




*2Major Donation Recipients
 Japan Human Milk Bank Assosiation
  The Pigeon Scholarship Foundation
 Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation
 The Nature Conservation Society of Japan

*¹ Since FY2022, the expenses for tree planting activities to be conducted as a part of the "Newborn Baby Commemorative Tree-Planting Campaign" have not been included.