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Products That Offer Greater Peace of Mind

Customers increasingly prefer products that use more natural raw materials. To meet to the expectations of these customers, we are actively working to provide products that use even more naturally derived components than before.

Natural Botanical baby skincare series (Singapore)

The Natural Botanical baby skincare series launched in 2021 by our Singapore business is made up of 90% or more active ingredients derived from plants, including olives, argan, and chamomile. The products do not use substances like parabens, formaldehyde, or ethyl alcohol, and are designed to be usable for newborns with even greater peace of mind.

Natural Botanical baby skincare series

Organic Nipple Balm (Lansinoh)

In 2021, the Lansinoh Group launched a nipple cream made of 100% naturally derived products and certified organic by USDA. This product allows mothers to care for their nipples, which is vital for continuing to raise babies on breast milk, and has met with much acclaim.

Lansinoh Organic Nipple Balm

“Disaster Preparedness for Babies”Co-Creation Project

Japan is one of the most earthquake-prone nations in the world, but households with babies are often insufficiently prepared for disaster.
Therefore, we launched a project to create disaster preparedness products for young children in order to keep babies safe. Mayu Kamon, a disaster expert who runs the Disaster Preparedness Cafe for Mothers ® course for mothers of young children, agreed to serve as a supervisor on the project, and we sought collaboration with mothers who had experienced a disaster with small babies and mothers with influences of other mothers, such as leaders of mothers’circles (“lead mothers”).

The project was not based on a one-way relationship in which a corporation asks questions and consumers answer only what they are asked. As kindred spirits aiming to create supplies that could protect mothers and babies in case of disaster, participants engaged in free discussion exchanged opinions and ideas with open minds and offered perspectives from a range of different perspectives.

A series of products born of this initiative were grouped together under the new baby disaster preparedness brand“sonaetta.”

  • Mayu Kamon, head of Disaster Preparedness Cafe for Mothers,® a popular disaster preparedness course attended by more than 20,000 nationwide

  • Online meeting with mothers from across Japan

“sonaetta” series (Disaster Preparedness for Babies in Japan)

Distribution of information on the Disaster Preparedness for Babies website

The Disaster Preparedness for Babies website introduces items good to have on hand in case of disaster, including items that can be used normally but are particularly useful in disasters and items that can be purchased in bulk and kept as “rolling stock” in case they are ever needed. It has information to support mothers and fathers who do not know what to prepare in case of disaster, including preparation lists by developmental stage, since babies require different items at different ages.