For Consumers

As a lifestyle-support company centered on “baby care solutions,” we make proposals matched to the life stages of our customers.

Resolving Consumer Issues

Feedback from customers is a valuable asset for our company. Since the 1970s, Pigeon has operated a Customer Service Center to obtain customer feedback for reflection in its business. In December 2016, we established a complaint response management system that conforms to ISO 10002 international standards (guidelines for quality management, customer satisfaction, and handling complaints in an organization). Seeking to further improve customer satisfaction, the Company issued its Consumer-Oriented Declaration in July 2018.

  • Complaint Response Management System

Child-Rearing and Nursing Care Information

In modern Japan, with the emergence of the nuclear family, there are many mothers who have nobody to consult when faced with anxieties about child-rearing. To address such difficulties, Pigeon aims through its business activities to reduce and even eliminate the anxieties and inconveniences its customers face while raising a child. To this end, the Company provides a wide range of services and information, not only through its products but also through its website and events.
As for nursing care, we introduce our products and describe how to use them according to specific purpose and scenario, by providing the “Guide for Pigeon Tahira's Health and Nursin Care Products,” which even beginners can easily understand.

Pigeon Group Companies with ISO 9001 Certification

Pigeon Corporation Tokyo, Japan
Pigeon Manufacturing Hyogo Corporation Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Pigeon Manufacturing Ibaraki Corporation Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
Pigeon Home Products Corporation Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
Thai Pigeon Co., Ltd. Thailand
Pigeon Industries (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Thailand
Pigeon (SHANGHAI) Co.,Ltd. China
Pigeon Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. China
Pigeon Industries (Changzhou) Co.,Ltd. China
Pigeon India Pvt.Ltd. India
Pigeon Singapore Pte.Ltd. Singapore
PT Pigeon Indonesia Indonesia
Lansinoh Laboratories Medical Devices Design Industry and Commerce .Ltd. Co. Turkey