Message from CEO

To Make the World More Baby-friendly

  • Norimasa Kitazawa President and Chief Executive Officer

My name is Norimasa Kitazawa and I am the President and Chief Executive Officer of Pigeon Corporation.
We, Pigeon Group have developed our business with the purpose of “we want to make the world more baby-friendly by furthering our commitment to understanding and addressing babies’ unique needs.

The world has changed drastically since the global pandemic of Covid-19. It changed the way people live and their values. Lots of people were worrying about the future and we faced a temporary sharp decline in the number of births worldwide. In addition, the baby caregiving environment for babies, their families, and caregivers have also changed dramatically, resulting in rapid changes in needs and purchasing behavior for baby care products.

In order to continue to achieve sustainable business growth even in such a rapidly changing environment, we are further evolving the "Pigeon Way", which is the cornerstone of all our activities and embodies our “heart and soul”. Also, we have created vision of a “Baby-Friendly Future" that concretely depicts our purpose of the "Baby-Friendly Place". All Pigeons’ employees are now working to keep a firm focus on our purpose.

Also, the Pigeon Group set “Key Issues (Materiality)” and we will contribute to the development of a sustainable society by addressing environmental issues, developing and promoting products for babies who need specialized support, and supporting the activities of breast milk banks, among other initiatives generated from our unique perspective.

In January 2023, we kicked off the 8th Mid-Term Management Plan (FY Dec. 2023 through FY Dec. 2025), which focuses on “Sustainable Growth”. Besides deepening the three key strategies (Brand strategy, Product strategy, and Regional strategy) since the previous 7th MTP, we will aggressively restructure our business structure by not only strengthening the existing business such as Nursing bottles and Baby skincare (Core products), but also proactively exploring and cultivating new business areas where we can leverage our expertise.

To make the world a more baby-friendly place, we aim to achieve sustainable growth as a company by reducing environmental impact and solving social issues surrounding babies and families in all countries and regions where we conduct business activities. And we strive to create a future, full of joy and freedom, that treasures the amazing brilliance inherent in every baby, that encourages curiosity, and that celebrates diversity.

President and CEO  
(Norimasa Kitazawa)