ESG/SDGs Policy

Together, the Pigeon DNA and the Pigeon Way comprise the Pigeon’s philosophy that each and every Pigeon employee upholds in the course of their duties.
The Pigeon DNA, made up of our Corporate Philosophy and Credo, has been the core of Pigeon throughout its history and will remain so into the future.
The Pigeon Way, made up of our Purpose, Values, and Action Principles, is the cornerstone of all our activities. It embodies our “heart and soul” and sets the grounds for our actions to stream from this core.

We have set the policy of embodying the Pigeon DNA and the Pigeon Way and contributing to the development of a sustainable society as "Pigeon ESG/SDGs Policy" (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy").
We will pursue sustainable operations from the perspectives of Key Issues (Materiality) that we must resolve, environmental (E), social (S), and governance (G), and conduct business activities to contribute to the resolution of social issues represented by SDGs by creating new value through the provision of products and services. Through our business activities, we aim to build relationships of trust with our stakeholders and contribute to the development of a sustainable society by enhancing our corporate value on the whole.

Story to develop a Sustainable Society based on Pigeon ESG/SDGs Policy

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Pigeon DNA & Pigeon Way

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Key Issues (Materiality) (FY2023~)

We have redefined the following five Key Issues (Materiality) and Individual Issues to be resolved.
We aim to contribute to solving social issues (SDGs) by resolving Key Issues (Materiality).

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Key Issues (Materiality) (FY2020~2022)

For FY2020-FY2022, we have identified the following six Key Issues (Materiality) that we must resolve.

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Progress of Initiatives for the Key Issues (Materiality) and the Individual Issues