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Medium-Term Business Plan

For the "Sixth Medium-Term Business Plan (for the period between fiscal year ending January 2018 and fiscal year ending January 2020)," we have set the following three basic strategies that shall help us to expand the Group's business and improve its management quality.

1) Based on the Pigeon Way, create and implement all kinds of measures to achieve the goal of becoming ‘an indispensable company’ for the society and make our Vision “to be the baby product manufacturer most trusted by the world’s babies and families, i.e. ‘Global Number One’” come true.

2) A further increase in corporate value will be pursued through improvement in profitability and efficiency of the business, and maximization of cash flows. The organizational structure, management system and governance system will also be put in place and reinforced to ensure sustainable growth from a medium to long-term perspective.

3) During the three years of the sixth medium-term business plan, invest management resources giving priority to the key products and carry out strategic investments, laying solid foundations for the double-digit growth of Pigeon Group in the future.

Medium-Term Business Plan

6th Medium-Term Business Plan

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