For Babies

At Pigeon, our vision is “to be the baby product manufacturer most trusted by the world’s babies and families, i.e. ‘Global Number One.’” Developed through over 60 years of basic research and behavioral observation, our products are used by babies and their families not only in Japan but around the world, including China, the rest of Asia, North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. To serve each region with the products they need, Pigeon carries out a tireless program of research and development and implements quality-control systems for the highest levels of reliability.

For the Delivery of Excellent Products and Services

Pigeon products are developed on the basis of over 60 years of basic research and behavioral observation. For example, our nursing bottles and nipples of repeated observation of babies’ nursing behavior from numerous perspectives. These include ultrasonogram (“echo”) photography of babies’ oral cavities by our Central Laboratory, observation of families in their homes and joint research projects with medical practitioners.

Pigeon constantly pursues improved nursing experiences for babies and mothers everywhere. In a joint research project with a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), for example, we developed specialized products to minimize physical burdens during nursing, whether by breastfeeding or bottle feeding, on low-birth-weight and handicapped babies. These products include nipples for low-birth-weight babies, nipples for babies with weak suckling strength and nursing bottles for babies with cleft lips and palates. Pigeon has always supported the feeding needs of hospitalized babies, and the expertise we have accumulated through that process is an enduring strength that reflects in our general product development to this day.

Nursing bottle nipple for babies with weak sucking function (Left)
Nursing bottle for low-birthweight babies(Center)
Nursing bottle for babies with cleft lips and/or palates(Right)

Helping babies who were born small