Occupational Health Management Policy

Occupational Health Management Declaration

The Pigeon Group strives to be a corporate Group whose employees can work lively in good health. To ensure that all employees can live fulfilling lives with sound physical and mental health, in both their work and private lives, the Pigeon Group ensures to support employees in maintaining and improving their health and to provide dynamic and supportive work environments.

Health Management Promotion System

Under the supervision of the President and CEO of the Pigeon Group, the Administration Division Manager is designated as the person in charge of and responsible occupational health management. Within the HR Group, a person in charge of health promotion, a health controller and a leave manager are appointed. The Group also with industrial physicians and the health insurance association. The Pigeon Group advances occupational health management by establishing a system in which external advisers from specialized organizations are appointed to provide consultation and advice.

Promotional Plans in the 7th Medium-Term Business Plan

Phased measures are conducted in the 7th Medium-term Business Plan (FY2020 to FY2022), aiming to make the Pigeon Group "a Group where people can work enthusiastically."

Schematic View of Health and Productivity Management Strategy

To achieve improved labor productivity and corporate value and to create a company with energized workers, Pigeon is setting specific measures and targets to promote health and productivity management strategically.

Safety & Health Committee

In accordance with the Industrial Safety and Health Act of Japan, a Safety & Health Committee is established at each workplace and a Central Safety & Health Committee is established at Group headquarters. In principle the Central Safety & Health Committee holds regular meetings twice a year, forming the base of the Group's efforts to promote occupational health management.