Climate Change and Biodiversity

The Pigeon Group gives full consideration to climate change mitigation and biodiversity. To this end, we have specified the volume of our greenhouse gas emissions, both direct and indirect, and we are working to save electricity. We have also established a consistent method for calculating reductions in greenhouse gas emission volumes at all of our production facilities, and strengthened our management systems. At our Chinese production facilities, though on a small scale, we are working to maximize solar and wind power generation under the theme of “environmentally friendly factories,” and we are promoting all-LED lighting to save electricity.

CO2 Emissions by Pigeon Group Domestic and Chinese Production Companies

3 domestic production companies
(Pigeon Home Products Corporation, PHP Hyogo
Corporation, PHP Ibaraki Corporation)

CO2 emissions (kg)/Net sales (¥millions)

2 Chinese production companies
(Pigeon Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Pigeon Industries (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.)

CO2 emissions (kg)/Net sales (¥Thousands)

Protect the global environment

For the past 32 years, we have continuously held our annual Newborn Baby Commemorative Tree-Planting Campaign, which began in 1986. This campaign is held at the “Pigeon Miwa no Mori” site, a combination of national forest and Pigeon-owned land near Hitachi-Omiya City, Ibaraki Prefecture. In addition to providing parents with memories of their babies’ birth, the campaign contributes in a small way to educational awareness about environmental protection. Forests help prevent global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide and also help preserve biodiversity. In addition, they play a role in preventing floods and erosion while preserving high water quality, to the extent that they are referred to as “green dams.” Over the past 32 years, we have planted more than 140,000 seedlings on 44.15 hectares of land (both national forest and private land). In the national forest portion, covering 25.37 hectares, the “green dam” benefits equateto storage and purification of 5.71 million two-liter PET bottles.

" Pigeon Miwa no Mori " site