Initiatives to Achieve a Coexistence with Nature

Reducing our Environmental Impact

The Pigeon Group is committed to sustainable and ethical procurement of raw materials. For this purpose, the Group has established a CSR Procurement Policy and CSR Procurement Guidelines. Guided by this Policy and these Guidelines, Pigeon pursues a stable supply of high-quality products and raw materials through its procurement processes and seeks to construct a win-win relationship with its suppliers, maintaining fair business practices with a strong sense of compliance and ethics.

Using Sustainable Palm Oil

Palm oil is a vegetable oil extracted from the fruit of oil palm trees cultivated in tropical regions. It is used in foods, detergents, and a range of other applications, and demand for it continues to grow globally. However, various problems related to palm oil have been noted in areas such as agricultural development and working conditions. The detergent and skin care products manufactured by the Pigeon Group include ingredients manufactured from palm oil and palm kernel oil among their raw materials. To encourage the sustainable use of palm oil, in December 2020 Pigeon became a ordinary member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).1
Additionally, in our Japan and Singapore businesses, since 2021 we have been purchasing and claiming RSPO credits through the book-and-claim model2 for certain detergent and skin care products.

1. A non-profit organization that aims to encourage sustainable production and use of palm oil.
2. A scheme for supporting the production of certified sustainable palm (kernel) oil by allowing end users to purchase RSPO credits issued by RSPO-certified producers based on their certified palm (kernel) oil production volume.

Palm Oil/Palm Kernel Oil Usage and RSPO Credit Purchases


Amount Used*1 (t)

RSPO Credits Purchased and Claimed*2 (t)





Palm oil 

176 244 CSPO:25 CSPO:52

Palm kernel oil

346 432 CSPKO:28 CSPKO:56

Data collected from: Pigeon Home Products Corporation, PIGEON SINGAPORE PTE. LTD., PIGEON INDUSTRIES (Thailand) CO., LTD., PT PIGEON BABY LAB INDONESIA
For Pigeon Home Products Corporation, calculation covers raw materials used to manufacture the company’s own products. Products in scope: Detergent, cleansers, and skincare.
*1 Amount of components derived from oil palms in raw materials, converted to equivalent in palm oil or palm kernel oil.
*2 These reported figures are not audited through RSPO Certification.

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Products with RSPO Label (CREDITS)

Using Sustainable Paper

The raw material of paper is timber, and yet our forests are rapidly being lost due to illegal felling and other causes. Destroying forests not only robs living beings of their homes, it has a major impact on natural hazards caused by water and soil degradation, and climate change.
At Pigeon, we promote the adoption of forest-certified paper that uses timber from properly managed forests as its raw material. 

The changes in number of products adopting forest-certified paper in Japan Business (cumulative total)