The Pigeon Group’s compliance system forms the cornerstone supporting the hearts and actions of our people. All compliance-related activities are spearheaded by the Compliance Committee and embody the spirit of the Pigeon Way.

Compliance System

The Pigeon Group operates its compliance system cross-laterally through the efforts of the Compliance Committee, chaired by the Director in charge of supervising Resource & General Affairs Division. To ensure compliance-oriented management, we have defined universal corporate ethical guidelines. Based on the guidelines, we have a code of conduct, in which individual employees comply with all laws and regulations, as well as social standards and the spirit thereof, and act with sincerity and a high ethical sense, in order to win the deep trust of our stakeholders. We emphasize the importance of constantly communicating our Corporate Philosophy and Values to all employees. To this end, our representative directors and all other executives lead by example in rigorously promoting our spirit of ethics and compliance. With respect to consolidated subsidiaries, our Corporate Administration Division implements cross-lateral Groupwide responses by developing a system capable of verifying current conditions from the perspective of ensuring appropriate monitoring and reporting systems.

We are also enhancing the effectiveness of compliancerelated education through e-learning courses, as well as corporate ethics training at overseas Group companies. We distribute “Pigeon Compliance Communication” each month to all employees to help them understand and address compliance-related matters that could arise in the course of their daily work. In conjunction with this, we conduct “Compliance Self-Checks,” in which employees fill out questionnaires, in order to raise their awareness and knowledge about compliance and swiftly eliminate compliance risks as soon as they arise. Based on the results of Compliance Self-Checks, managers conduct compliance checks in their own departments. We also hold compliance meetings and otherwise strive to educate and enlighten employees in the workplace. In addition, we established Speak Up as a reporting/ consulting system for employees and Pigeon Partners Line for business partners. The systems help ensure the swift resolution of problems that are detected inside and outside the Company by addressing the problems at Compliance Committee meetings and investigating the facts while protecting the identities of whistle-blowers and consultants. We also pay due attention to the legality of issues by obtaining advice from lawyers as necessary.

Reports on the content of compliance education and the internal reporting/consulting systems are submitted at meetings of the Board of Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board each year.

Information Security Measures

In the course of delivering products, services, and information to our customers, the Pigeon Group considers information security and the protection of personal information to be important issues, and is currently working toward strengthening management of these resources. Regular meetings are held by the Personal Information Protection Committee related to personal information and by the Information Security Committee related to information security, and an in-house management system has been put in place. Also, regarding the Group’s system for the protection of personal information, in July 2005, the Japan Information Processing Development Center (JIPDEC), which manages the “Privacy Mark System,” certified the Group as handling personal information appropriately in accordance with the terms of JISQ 15001:1999 “Requirements for Compliance Program on Personal Information Protection” (currently renamed: JISQ 15001:2006 Personal Information Protection Management System), and issued a “PrivacyMark” certification as proof of this. This certification was renewed in 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2017.