Risk Management

Establishing Solid Management Foundations

Risk Management

Pigeon has formulated the Rules for Risk Management, which systematically stipulate the Pigeon Group's risk management responses, and are committed to effective risk management.

Risk Management System

Governed by the Rules for Risk Management, which systematically stipulate the Group’s risk management responses the Global Head Office (GHO) Risk Management Committee is chaired by the director for GHO, under the supervision of the president and CEO. Directly below the GHO Risk Management Committee are the Risk Management Committees of each business segment, which are chaired by the head of operations in each segment (Japan Business, China Business, Singapore Business, and Lansinoh Business). This framework enables information about risk to be collected across the entire Group, provides necessary controls, and empowers each segment to respond rapidly to risk issues. The GHO Risk Management Committee reports the details and the results of responses made to the Board of Directors, as necessary.

Organizational Chart of Risk Management Committee

Risk Management Activities

The GHO Risk Management Committee systematically collects, analyzes, and evaluates the risk information it gathers from throughout the Group, centered on the risk information it collects from each business segment. On its own or through the respective business segments, the GHO Risk Management Committee then examines and implements response measures. In particular key risks are being addressed primarily by the departments in charge of risk as nominated by the GHO Risk Management Committee. These departments collate information and examine and implement measures across the Group. In addition, in order to manage risk throughout the Pigeon Group, we review risk annually through risk assessments, while striving to reduce risk and prevent the occurrence of major risks.

In the event of a crisis to the Group, such as a large-scale disaster, the Risk Management Committee promptly convenes in accordance with the Risk Management Regulations or the Business Continuity Plan (BCP), and respond to minimize losses and restore operations. In the event of a serious risk or incident, the GHO Risk Management Committee reports to the Board of Directors on the details and results of the response, as appropriate.

Committee Members of The GHO Risk Management Committee

Chair:Tadashi ItakuraDirector, Senior Managing Executive Officer Head of Global Head Office
Committee Members :Kevin Vyse-PeacockDirector, Executive Officer
Lansinoh Business Division Manager/ CEO of Lansinoh Laboratories, Inc.
Yusuke NakataSenior Managing Officer
Singapore Business Division Manager/ Representative Director of PIGEON SINGAPORE PTE. LTD.
Zenzou YamaguchiSenior Managing Officer
Head of Japan Operations Baby Care Business Division Manager
Joe ZhouCHINA BUSINESS DIV. President & Managing Officer/ PIGEON SHANGHAI CO.,LTD President
Nobuo TakuboManaging Officer, Business Strategy Division Manager
Risk Owners:Accounting & Finance Division
Supply Chain Management Division
Legal Department
Systems Consulting Department
Customer Service Center
Business Strategy Division

Key Risks monitored by the GHO Risk Management Committee

- Compliance Risk

- Financial Risk

- Information Security Risk

- Supply Chain Management (SCM) Risk

- Customer Complaint Risk

-Human Rights Risk

Other risks of Business Risks recognized by the Pigeon Group

Risk Management Methods

We have established a PDCA cycle and conduct risk management activities throughout the year.

Activities of the GHO Risk Management Committee

Number of meetings

Twice a year

Reports to the Board of Directors

Once a year


-Sharing of information on Group risks and incidents

-Formulation of measures mitigating key risks and management of progress

-Reporting on the results of risk assessments conducted and risk mitigation measures  across the entire Group

The GHO Risk Management Committee meetings

6th Feb 26, 2024