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Contribution to the Resolution of Social Issues

Fair Trading

Pigeon has a diverse array of business partners handling its products, which include child care, elder care, and maternity items. In Japan, our partners include drugstores, specialty stores for babies, supermarkets, home centers, department stores, nursing homes, and hospitals. Overseas, our offerings, mainly childcare products, are sold via department stores, specialty stores for babies, pharmacies, and other stores. Also, in the Child Care Service Business, the Pigeon Group supports the various child-care support systems of corporations, municipalities and other organizations through the operation of in-company child-minding facilities and similar services.

The Pigeon Group believes that it must first win the understanding and support of its clients, who are important business partners, in order to fulfill its social responsibilities across the entire supply chain. Regarding transactions with antisocial forces, we have already received confirmation from all business partners that they do not engage in such transactions and are taking stringent measures to ensure against such transactions from occurring. In addition, we are working to resolve various other issues across the supply chain, including such social issues as human rights and labor, as well as global environmental problems. To ensure that business partners understand the importance of legal compliance, we hold briefings with our suppliers two or three times a year to convey our policies in this area.

Fair Business Practices

To ensure fair business practices, we established our Corporate Ethics Policies, which commit Pigeon to participate in fair and open competition and carry out fair transactions and responsible procurement in its corporate activities for sound growth. Pigeon also maintains healthy relationships with politics and the administration of government. Under our Corporate Ethics Policies and in accordance with our Code of Conduct, we strive to prevent bribery and corruption by undertaking procurement in accordance with our fair transaction policy. We also ensure compliance with competition laws, refrain from giving or receiving entertainment or gifts for the purpose of gaining unfair profits or preferential treatment, and do not perform any act that arouses suspicion among political or administrative authorities. In addition, we actively cooperate with investigations by the relevant authorities. We work to prevent collusion with governments and involvement in anti-competitive activities, by instituting a system for complying with competition laws and rigorously educating employees through compliance training and other programs.

Management and Use of Intellectual Property Rights for Fair Business Practices

At Pigeon, we believe that intellectual property rights are essential for sustainable corporate development and that the legitimate creation, protection, and exploitation of intellectual property rights contribute to the development of sound industry. Based on this concept, we strive to protect and utilize rights so we can conduct legitimate business activities, while creating systems and an internal culture that respect the intellectual property rights of others.

Whistle-Blowing System and Contact Point for Business Partners to Report or Seek Consultation on Compliance

We operate two whistle-blowing systems: “Speak-Up Desk” for Pigeon Group employees and “Pigeon Partners Line” for business partners and others outside of the Group. These systems encourage parties to report real or suspected corporate ethics violations (compliance violations) occurring in the course of business activities or transactions with the Pigeon Group. In fiscal 2022, 5 reports were made to Speak-Up Desk and 1 reports to Pigeon Partners Line.

About Pigeon Partners Line

  • Information received will be reviewed and investigated from a fair and equitable standpoint, and the results of the investigation reported to the reporting individual. To make this possible, please ensure that when using the Pigeon Partners Line you provide your name and contact details.
  • Please refrain from reporting information that defames or denigrates an individual who is not connected with a compliance violation.
  • Personal information concerning a reporting individual is disclosed to only the minimum number of persons who need to know in order to verify and investigate the reported information, and is not disclosed to any other persons. Also, unless the reporting individual’s consent is received, the reporting individual’s personal information shall be used only when making further inquiries of the reporting individual and providing a response to the reporting individual.
  • The Company shall reply only to the reporting individual. However, this does not apply where it is evident that contact has been made on behalf of the reporting individual’s employer.
  • The Company shall not disadvantage a reporting individual or the reporting individual's employer on the grounds of having provided information.

Contact Methods

Please send an email or letter to the following addresses.


Senior Manager Legal Dept.
Pigeon Corporation
4-4, Nihonbashi-Hisamatsucho Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8480


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Pigeon Partners Line
C/O City-Yuwa Partners
Marunouchi Mitsui Building 2-2, Marunouchi 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005


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