Environmentally friendly products

Develop environmentally friendly products

Develop environmentally friendly products

The Pigeon Group is committed to preventing global warming and realizing a sustainable society. In addition to complying with relevant laws, such as the Energy Saving Act and Law Concerning the Promotion of Measures to Cope with Global Warming, we undertake Groupwide environmental initiatives, such as establishing energy-efficient systems. As a maker of daily commodities, the Group is committed to ensuring that its products do not have a bad effect on the global environment, not only while in use but also after they are discarded. To this end, we pay meticulous attention at each stage of manufacturing-including selection of raw materials and ingredients-and have created a lineup of numerous environmentally friendly products.

Microwavable Steamed Cupcake

With this product it’s easy to make lightly-sweetened steamed bread at home, right in your microwave.
The cooking cup material has been changed, and it is now made of mostly corn starch. The paper container is easy to break down and recycle after use.


Foam Body Soap Refill

800 ml refill pack for whole body soap, enough to refill the bottle twice.
This whole body foam soap contains moisturizing ingredients and is similar to the vernix caseosa, the creamy substance on newborn babies’ skin. It cleans without stripping moisture and sebum.
The paper container is easy to break down and recycle after use.


Absorbent Diaper Liner

Our absorbent diaper liner, sold as a set with our pants-style disposable diaper, allows the number of diapers used to be reduced by around half, which helps cut garbage volume. We developed the liner in response to feedback from consumers who felt that pants-style disposable diapers are convenient for babies who are crawling and standing up, but the price is too high. Accordingly, we created a product that is both economical and environmentally friendly.


Liquid Cleanser for Nursing Bottles and Vegetables

Thirty years ago, we developed a liquid cleanser for nursing bottles and vegetables made 100% of plant-derived ingredients. This is a highly safe detergent made especially for babies with weak resistance, and being plant-derived, it is also gentle on the mother’s hands. It has been consistent long-seller since its launch.