Helping to Create a World Where Children Can Play Freely (Japan - Pigeon)

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Pigeon Corporation regularly holds corporate-led volunteer activities in which employees can participate by taking volunteer leave. In December 2022, with the cooperation of the Japanese Toy Library Network, Pigeon employees volunteered at the Arakawa Toy Library and Parents’ Salon and the Ogu Ginza Toy Library and Parents’ Salon to help clean and disinfect the toys and prepare the libraries for opening.

A toy library is a space where children can freely choose from a wide selection of toys to play with or borrow and take home. At this volunteer activity, Pigeon employees helped sterilize the toys before the libraries’ opening to ensure that families can play at the library with peace of mind. We also helped put up Christmas decorations.

After this, while taking all necessary precautions against Covid-19, we interacted with four families who came to play at the toy libraries, also observing the operations of their temporary minding services. This activity helped us feel on a personal level the sincere efforts behind these toy libraries’ operations, witnessing the kindness of their staff, the careful disinfection of each toy after a child finished playing with it, and the work of “toy doctors” who repair toys so that they can be played with longer.

Comments from participating employees included:

  • “Hearing what the toy library staff had to say was highly informative.”
  • “This activity was a powerful reminder of Pigeon’s Purpose, ‘We want to make the world more baby-friendly by furthering our commitment to understanding and addressing babies’ unique needs.’”

We will continue to engage in this activity to help create a world where children can play freely.

Japanese Toy Library Network

Arakawa Toy Library and Parents’ Salon

Ogu Ginza Toy Library and Parents’ Salon