Ocean Cleanup (Turkey)



Lansinoh is committed to a healthy future for the babies and their families we serve and the planet we live on.
In celebration of this year’s World Environment Day, Lansinoh Laboratories Medical Devices Design Industry and Commerce Ltd.Co. took a step towards cleaning the seas.

We organized different activities spread over a whole week. The celebrations were opened with a scuba diving cleanup. A volunteer team of employees dived in Karaburun Port under guidance of a clean sea association. With the dive, 500kg of garbage was removed from the Aegean Sea. Some colleagues did a simultaneous coastal cleanup. Please find a video containing impressions below:


The cleanup was followed by even more activities:

  • A training on the importance and protection of the seas for our employees
  • A marine workshop for the children of our employees
  • Present our employees with organic cleaning products that do not pollute the seas and dissolve in nature

The 2021 World Environment Day kicked off the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration and we are happy to support this endeavor by demonstrating our commitment to a healthy future with the actions we take.