Helping to Create a Neighborhood Filled with Flowers and Greenery (Japan - Pigeon)



  • Note: Masks were removed only for the photo.

In September 2021, Pigeon Corporation joined the Green Adoption Program offered by Chuo City, Tokyo. Under this program, local residents and businesses volunteer to clean and beautify parks and roads. Pigeon took on responsibility for replanting, caring for, and weeding the “Blooming Street Corner” flower planters installed by Chuo City at four locations near Head Office. In November, we made replanting these “Blooming Street Corner” planters our second corporate-led volunteer activity.

Report from the Activity

The flowers in Chuo City’s “Blooming Street Corner” planters are replanted four times a year. For this activity, nine employees participated in the autumn replanting, replacing Egyptian star cluster and coxcomb with stock and daisies.

To give local residents more places to relax and take a breather, we also replanted the exterior-facing planter beside Head Office’s front door—which was previously largely shrubs and taller trees—in the same way. The activity thus created opportunities for interaction not only between employees but with local residents, too, contributing as a local business to improving the neighborhood.

We will continue holding this activity in future to help create an environment where local residents and babies can live comfortably and securely with their families.

* Corporate-led volunteer activity/volunteer leave system
The Pigeon Corporation’s purpose is “to make the world more baby-friendly by furthering our commitment to understanding and addressing babies’ unique needs.” To begin executing on this, we have launched a corporate-led volunteer program that incorporates volunteer leave for employees. In corporate-led volunteer activities, companies play a leading role in presenting possible volunteer activities to their employees, allowing interested employees to volunteer, and then carrying out the activities with the assembled team of volunteers.