Beach Cleanup (Japan)



  • Note: Masks were removed only for the photo.

At the Pigeon Group, we strive to reduce our environmental burden and leave a rich earth for the future of babies born tomorrow. In early June 2022, as part of our activities on World Environment Day, we worked with the Kanagawa Coastal Environmental Foundation to pick up trash on Yuigahama Beach in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Fourteen employees from Pigeon Corporation and Pigeon Hearts Corporation volunteered for the activity, picking up a total of 35 kilograms of trash on the day. They found a wide variety of items, including fragments of plastic, plastic string, rusted knives, steel pipes, and fishing nets, but the fragments of plastic were the most numerous, and more difficult to collect the smaller they were.

Comments from volunteers included, “There were so many tiny fragments of plastic that we couldn’t collect them all,” “This activity helped me feel a personal connection to the ocean plastic problem,” and “I hope to keep striving to help resolve the ocean plastic problem through our products, too.”

We will not end our participation in this activity with a single occasion, but will continue to volunteer and participate in order to help keep the ocean beautiful for the babies of the future.