Human Rights

Our Corporate Philosophy is “Love” and our Credo is “Only love can beget love.” These words are important to all employees and represent one of our basic values, together with respect for human rights and diversity in terms of gender and cultural differences.

Policy of Respecting Human Rights

When performing their tasks, our employees constantly reflect on the Pigeon Group’s Corporate Philosophy of “Love” and its Credo of “Only love can beget love.” We also cite “integrity” as one of the basic values to be observed by each and every employee. By “integrity,” we mean embracing and respecting diversity in such areas as human rights, gender, and customs.

Discrimination and Socially Vulnerable; Civil and Political Rights; Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights

The Pigeon Group respects the rights of minorities and the socially vulnerable and works actively to recruit people with disabilities. We also have conversations with employees about civil and political rights, and we respect those rights.

In FY2019 the employment rate of persons with disabilities was 2.94%. (Pigeon Corporation)

  • Employment rate of persons with disabilities (Pigeon Corporation)

Basic Workplace Principles and Rights

The Pigeon Group respects the human rights and other rights of workers in Japan and overseas. Here, our Risk Management Committee spearheads efforts to manage labor-related compliance in an appropriate manner. We also implement and firmly maintain policies related to health and safety and workplace environments that cover all employees, both permanent and nonpermanent, in Japan and overseas.

Embracing Diversity

One of our Corporate Ethics Policies is that “Pigeon shall respect its employees' human rights and personalities at all times, ensuring them discrimination-free, equal job opportunities and rewarding work environments, and offering them fair merit ratings to help their self-fulfillment.”

In conjunction with its global business growth, the Pigeon Group is rapidly increasing the number of non-Japanese employees. By welcoming and utilizing the fundamental differences in employee backgrounds―in such areas as gender, nationality, age, employment status, and income―we aim to strengthen our entire organization. For this reason, the Group undertakes a variety of activities to promote diversity.

In FY2019 the employment rate of foreign nationals was 2.22%. (Pigeon Corporation)

  • Employment rate of foreigners (Pigeon Corporation)