Environmentally friendly products

Develop environmentally friendly products

Basic Approach to Environmental Protection: Environmentally-Friendly Products

The Pigeon Group is committed to preventing global warming and realizing a sustainable society. In addition to complying with relevant laws, such as the Energy Saving Act and Law Concerning the Promotion of Measures to Cope with Global Warming, we undertake Groupwide environmental initiatives, such as establishing energy-efficient systems. As a maker of daily commodities, the Group is committed to ensuring that its products do not have a bad effect on the global environment, not only while in use but also after they are discarded. Also, from the stage of selection of raw materials and ingredients, we adopt environmentally friendly papers and inks, and reduce the number of colors on cartons and packaging. As a result, we have created an extensive lineup of numerous environmentally friendly products.

Shifting from plastic to paper

We changed the material for this container, which is big enough for two refills, from plastic to paper. In addition to reducing the amount of plastic used, the container can now be easily broken down and recycled after use.

Plant-based cooking cup

The material used in this cooking cup consists mainly of cornstarch (starch derived from corn).

Recycled PET bottles

Our blister packaging consists of 40% recycled PET bottles.

Plant-based plastic

This refill pouch consists of around 39% plant-based bio-plastic. Plants absorb CO2 through photosynthesis, so using them as a raw material helps reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

Protecting our forests

The cardboard is made from FSC®-certified paper. The FSC® certification system is an international forest certification scheme for responsibly managed forests and forest products procured in such a way that limited forest resources will remain available in the future.