For Employees

A company cannot succeed in business if it doesn’t take care of its employees. With this in mind, we are constantly upgrading our systems for supporting the child-rearing activities of employees in a unique Pigeon-like manner.

Improve human capital

Motivating Work Environments and Corporate Culture

Pigeon defines corporate value as the summation of social value and economic value. In order to deliver high-quality products to the world, we must create an environment that motivates employees to work. If we don’t take care of our employees, we cannot succeed in business. For this reason, we are upgrading various frameworks and systems to create an appropriate working environment, while building a corporate culture that helps employees perform their tasks more easily.

“Pigeon Miwa no Mori Mosaic Art Project” is an all-employee participation project aimed at increasing the sense of solidarity in the Company.

This mosaic artwork, made with building blocks using timber gathered when preparing the “Pigeon Miwa no Mori” site for tree-planting, was listed in the Guinness World Records in 2017 as “the world's largest painted wooden block mosaic.”

Pigeon Miwa no Mori Mosaic Art Project

Embracing Diversity

One of our Corporate Ethics Policies is that “Pigeon shall respect its employees’ human rights and personalities at all times, ensuring them discrimination-free, equal job opportunities and rewarding work environments, and offering them fair merit ratings to help their self-fulfillment.” By welcoming and utilizing the fundamental differences in employee backgrounds-in such areas as gender, nationality, age, employment status, and income-we aim to strengthen our entire organization, and for this reason we undertake a variety of activities to promote diversity. For example, women accounted for 35% of full-time employees at Pigeon’s head office as of January 31, 2018.

Pigeon also respects the rights of social minorities and vulnerable people and actively promotes employment of people with disabilities. In addition, we respect the rights of employees, with whom we engage in dialogue about civic and political rights. With respect to labor, our Compliance Committee spearheads rigorous compliance-oriented activities to ensure respect for workers’ and human rights both in Japan and overseas. We also have meticulous policies related to occupational health and safety and workplace environments, and we implement and maintain these policies for both permanent and non-permanent employees, both in Japan and overseas.

Fostering Global and Managerial Human Resources

Global Leadership Program

Pigeon gives all employees opportunities to participate in technology development, education, and practical training, and has introduced a training system that is free from gender differences. To foster global human resources, every year we hold English-language training in Japan with separate courses for each level, while overseas we conduct our Global Leadership Program, a multinational training course for selected employees. In the year ended January 2018, 20 multinational employees participated in this program. We are also rolling out a global goal-management system, incorporating behavior evaluation based on “Pigeon Way,” at our operations in Japan and Singapore, as well as Pigeon Industries (Thailand), Lansinoh Laboratories, and elsewhere.

Every six years, we run a two-year training course for selected nextgeneration managerial human resources. To ensure the enduring advancement of the Company, work to foster next-generation managerial personnel earmarked to become business department and divisional managers as “human resources who can refine human power and continue increasing corporate value under the values of Pigeon Way.” Meanwhile, we are rolling out a global goal management system, incorporating a behavior evaluation axis based on “Pigeon Way,” in Singapore, Thailand (Pigeon Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd.), India, Malaysia, and elsewhere.

Participants in Global Leadership Program

Participants in Global Leadership Program 19 18 20

Establish goal management system

We have broadly entrenched “Pigeon Way” throughout the entire Group. In Japan, Singapore, Thailand (Pigeon Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd.), and Lansinoh Laboratories, we have incorporated behavior evaluation benchmarks based on “Pigeon Way” into the goal management systems for individual employees. We will incorporate this into goal management systems at other operations going forward.

Strengthening Support for Advancement of Women

Now, more than ever, creating an environment enabling women to excel is a particularly important priority for the Pigeon Group in its constant pursuit of “world-class business excellence.” For this reason, we focus on fostering women in management positions. In the year ended January 2018, women accounted or 15.4% of the Company’s management. With respect to promoting women’s advancement, we have cited three core initiatives-“expansion of compatibility support system,” “workplace mindset reforms,” and “backup for women’s feelings and skills”-thus providing support from the perspectives of both system enhancement and employee mindsets.


Back in 2007, Pigeon received “Kurumin” accreditation as a “Child-rearing Support Company.” In May 2018, we received “Platinum Kurumin” accreditation, which is given to Kurumincertified companies deemed to be introducing and utilizing excellent compatibility support systems and high-level initiatives. As a company engaged in child care service, we have been enhancing our systems to help employees giving birth and raising children from an early stage. From the perspective of promoting the advancement of women and encouraging men’s participation in child care, we have established a variety of child-rearing systems, including a work-at-home system and a parental leave scheme called “One Month Together.” In addition to providing workplace environments where both men and women can take parental leave as a matter of course, these systems have the added benefit of enabling employees’ child-rearing experiences to be reflected in actual product development.

Three-Year Action Plan for Promoting Advancement of Women (February 2018 to January 2020))

① Increase number of men using the compatibility support system to 10 or more
② Increase awareness about compatibility support system regardless of gender
③ Grasp and improve status and outcomes of work-at-home system
④ Establish framework enabling women to give birth, raise children, and return to work with peace of mind

Female Manager Ratio

Participation in Japan Women’s Innovative Network (J-Win) Activities


6 6 6 18

J-Win is an association that supports advancement and entrenchment of diversity-oriented management.

Employees Using Work-at-Home System


4 8 9

Child-Rearing Support Activities

In 2015, we set up a breastfeeding/pumping room called Lactation Lounge in our head office to create a comfortable working environment for employees with small babies. In addition to employees, the room is available for use by mothers working in the vicinity of head office, as well as mothers and babies living nearby, reflecting our local and social contribution efforts.

Lactation Lounge in our head office

Work-Life Balance

As a matter of course, we comply with domestic regulations on worker protection and work hours established by legislation and labor agreements. We are also implementing various measures to increase labor productivity by discouraging excessively long working hours and fostering a good work-life balance. These include establishing a rule to leave the workplace by 7:00pm and setting one day per week as a “no overtime day.”

We are also focusing on helping employees return to the workplace after childbirth, including introduction of a “Life Design Leave” system, a women’s early-return support system, and a system to help subsidize future child care costs.

SystemDetailsUsage status
One Month Together 1-month parental leave system for male
Take-up rate: 100%
(3 consecutive years since fiscal 2015)
Users: 32 persons
(3 consecutive years since fiscal 2015; cumulative)
Leave the workplace (go home)
by 7:00pm rule
Rule to leave the workplace by 7:00pm in principle, even when doing overtime

Average monthly overtime: 4.5 hours; Paid leave take-up rate: 53.4%
(fiscal 2017)

No overtime day (1 day per week) Every Wednesday designated as “no overtime (fiscal 2017) day” to promote consistent departures
Life Design Leave System enabling up to 2 years of leave for
infertility treatment and adoption processes
Positive outcomes in fiscal 2015, fiscal 2016, and fiscal 2017
Work-at-home system System enabling employees to work at home for the purpose of child care, elder care, etc. Take-up: 12 persons (fiscal 2017)
  • Records of male participation on “One Month Together” parental leave system

Overtime Measures

As a matter of course, we comply with domestic regulations on worker protection and work hours established by legislation and labor agreements. We are also implementing various measures to increase labor productivity by discouraging excessively long working hours and fostering a good work-life balance. These include establishing a rule to leave the workplace by 7:00pm and setting one day per week as a “no overtime day.”

Worker Health and Safety

Pigeon is extremely meticulous with respect to managing the health and safety of workers. In addition to Japan, we have factories overseas, including in China, Thailand, and India, and we conform to the Pigeon Group’s workplace health and safety standards uniformly at all those facilities. We have also obtained certification under the OHSAS 18001 standard for occupational safety and health, widely adopted around the world.

Group Companies with OHSAS 18001 Certification

Company NameLocationYear Certified
Pigeon Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Thailand 2000
Thai Pigeon Co., Ltd. Thailand 2002
PHP Hyogo Corporation Hyogo Prefecture, Japan 2006