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Our Baby Soap includes an ingredient that has properties close to those of vernix, which protects the skin of a baby who has just been born.

Vernix is a substance that protects newborn babies’ skin from dryness and irritation. We noticed vernix’s moisture protection and created Pigeon Baby Lipid*.
Our Baby Soap includes this moisturizing ingredient, which can hold water like vernix. Without removing too much natural skin oil, it cleanses the skin while leaving moisture behind.
*About Pigeon Baby Lipid:
Pigeon Baby Lipid contains lipids. Pigeon Baby Lipid, an ingredient in our series of skin care products for babies, is an oil that can hold moisture like vernix. It contains a mixture of cholesteryl isostearate and ceramide NG (in Baby Clear Oil only, ceramide NP is used instead), a combination of moisturizing ingredients which is unique to Pigeon products.
Weak acidity/No added color/No added fragrance. Paraben-free.

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