Registering as a "Children's Refuge Center (Business/Vehicle)" (Japan - Pigeon)



Pigeon Corporation has officially joined the Children’s Refuge Center program, registering its Central Laboratory and Tsukuba office in the category “Children’s Refuge Center (Business/Vehicle).”

  • Main entrance, Central Laboratory (note round sticker on mailbox)

What is a Children’s Refuge Center?

A Children’s Refuge Center is a place children can go for help when they feel in danger due to being approached, touched, followed, or otherwise subject to unwanted contact from a stranger. The people at a Children’s Refuge Center commit to protecting any child who comes to them for help, and contacting the police by telephone or other means. It is a volunteer-based system in which members of local communities work together to protect children’s safety.

We have registered our places of business, company cars, and buses as a “Children’s Refuge Center (Business/Vehicle)” with Ibaraki Prefecture, and marked them with stickers to identify them as places children can go for help.

  • Central Laboratory company car

  • Tsukuba office shuttle bus

The two locations have shared an operational manual, and our employees stand ready to calmly and effectively help any children who may need them.

  • Operational manual (extract)

As part of our ESG and CSR activities, we will continue to participate in this program to ensure the everyday peace of mind of the children and families who live near our offices.