Pigeon Formulates Vision of a Baby-Friendly Future
To Further Advance Its Efforts to Realize Its Purpose and Make the World More Baby-Friendly


Pigeon Corporation (Headquarters: Tokyo; President and CEO; Norimasa Kitazawa) today announced the formulation of its Vision of a Baby-Friendly Future in order to further advance its efforts to realize its Purpose, "We want to make the world more baby-friendly by furthering our commitment to understanding and addressing babies' unique needs," by describing, in terms of six specific faces of society, the "baby-friendly" world envisaged in that Purpose.

For more than sixty years, Pigeon has taken the part of babies and families in facing the various social changes and challenges that have arisen around childbirth and parenting.

Amid the great changes now taking place around babies and their families, the Vision of a Baby-Friendly Future is the result of thinking about how society should be to improve the world babies will face in the future. It was created based not only on proposals from Pigeon employees but also from ideas that arose through various discussions with experts on regions and communities, the environment, and welfare along with everyday mothers and fathers.

In order to realize its Vision of a Baby-Friendly Future, Pigeon will move forward step by step, seeking to increase the number of people in society who empathize with the vision and co-creating and taking action with a diverse range of stakeholders.


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