Selected as a Component of the "SOMPO Sustainability Index"


Pigeon Corporation (Headquarters: Tokyo; President and CEO: Norimasa Kitazawa) has been selected as a component of the "SOMPO Sustainability Index" for 2023 instituted by Sompo Asset Management Co., Ltd ("the company").

This index managed by the company is composed of approximately 300 companies with outstanding ESG-related initiatives, and used for the company's "SOMPO Sustainable Investment" product.

The component stocks are reviewed annually based on the results of the "Buna-no-Mori Environmental Questionnaire" and "ESG Management Survey" conducted by the company. This year marks the eighth time since the company began managing the fund in 2012 that Pigeon has been selected for the award, in recognition of our ESG-related initiatives.

Launched in August 2012, "SOMPO Sustainable Investment" is a responsible investment product for pension funds and institutional investors that invests in a wide range of companies with high ESG evaluation. It aims to contribute to the asset building of long term investors through the assessment of corporate value from a long-term perspective by revealing management quality and hidden risks that are not shown in financial statements.

Pigeon Corporation will aim to enhance its corporate value and achieve sustainable growth by reducing environmental impact and solving social issues surrounding babies and families in all countries and regions where we conduct business activities.


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