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Pigeon's Stakeholders

Stakeholder Overview

Communicating with Customers

Companies that fail to satisfy customers with their products and services cannot be expected to return profits to shareholders. Since the 1960s, Pigeon has established customer consultation rooms, which were unusual in those days, to quickly gain customer feedback for reflection in its business. In modern Japan, with the emergence of the nuclear family, there are many mothers who have nobody to consult when faced with anxieties about child-rearing. To address such difficulties, Pigeon aims through its business activities to reduce and even eliminate the anxieties and inconveniences its customers face while raising a child. To this end, the Company provides a wide range of services and information, not only through its products but also through its website and events. For example, we operate Pigeon. info, a community website that serves as a forum for customers raising children around Japan to exchange and gather helpful information. As for nursing care, we introduce our products and describe how to use them according to specific purpose and scenario, by providing the “Guide for Pigeon Tahira’s Health and Nursing Care Products,” which even beginners can easily understand.

Communicating with Shareholders

In communicating with shareholders, Pigeon works hard to revitalize the General Meeting of Shareholders and facilitate exercise of voting rights. We forward the Convocation Notice three weeks prior to the General Meeting of Shareholders, and we also post summarized versions of the Convocation Notice (in Japanese and English) on the website of the Company and the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In addition, we provide a child-care room for use while the General Meeting of Shareholders is being held, and we present a Business Report at the General Meeting of Shareholders in a visual format. The result of voting rights exercise are also posted on our corporate website.

Communicating with Business Partners

An important raison d’etre for Pigeon is to boost the profits of business partners who handle its products. In Japan, we have a diverse array of such business partners, including drugstores, specialty stores for babies, supermarkets, home centers, department stores, nursing homes, and hospitals. These partners handle a variety of Pigeon items, such as childcare products, elder care products, and maternity products. Overseas, our offerings, mainly childcare products, are sold via department stores, specialty stores for babies, and other stores.
In 2008, we established Pigeon Partners Line (a counter for compliance reporting and consultations for our business partners). Employees can use this line for compliance reporting and consultations if they suspect that actions deemed to infringe corporate ethics (compliance violations) are occurring in transactions made with the Company or other Group companies, or if such actions have bred their mistrust.

Communicating with Employees

Pigeon recognizes that corporate value represents the summation of shareholder value, customer value, and employee value. In order to deliver high-quality products to the world, we must create an environment that motivates employees to work. If we don’t take care of our employees, we cannot succeed in business. For this reason, we are upgrading various frameworks and systems to create an appropriate working environment, while building a corporate culture that helps employees perform their tasks more easily. Previous to the enactment of the Law for the Equal Employment Opportunity of Men and Women, we have established a corporate culture where there is no gender difference in the occupational course, and employees, including the president, are on last name followed by “-san” (Mr./Mrs.) terms with each other, thus avoiding calling each other by one’s position.

Communicating with Local Communities

The Pigeon Group has achieved harmonious coexistence with people in local communities through a positive communication approach, which fosters a sense of trust. As our business becomes more and more global in nature, we will broaden this approach and related actions on a global scale.