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Our actions to make this world more baby-friendly

For babies with weak sucking function

Our products are developed based on over 60 years of comprehensive research and a great deal of consumer feedback. For nursing bottles and nipples, our central laboratory has conducted years of extensive research about babies' sucking behaviors, for example by using ultrasound to record the inside of a baby's mouth during sucking. We have also been conducting joint research with the neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) of hospitals and clinics to develop nursing bottles and nipples for special needs such as premature and weak sucking strength or cleft palate/lips. Our objective in the study on sucking is to support healthy feeding for babies. Our special nursing bottles and nipples are also designed to promote natural sucking behaviors. For babies worldwide, Pigeon will continue to conduct research and product development and deliver these products to babies and their families worldwide who require special support.

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