SDGs Training for New Employees (Japan - Pigeon)


In early July 2021, Pigeon Corporation conducted SDGs training for this year’s new employees. The aim of this training was to help new employees gain a deeper understanding of environmental and social issues and view them as matters that affect them personally.

What Was the Training?

We played the card game “2030 SDGs,” provided by the nonprofit corporation Imacocollabo, to deepen our understanding of the SDGs by simulating the journey from now to 2030 if the 17 goals of the SDGs are to be achieved.

How Was the Training Held?

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we carried out this activity in small groups while maintaining social distance and ensuring thorough ventilation and disinfection.

Comments from Participants

This training taught us the significance of working on the SDGs and helped me realize that many social issues we had thought were disparate are connected. Resolving these social issues will not be easy, but we now see that individual actions can gradually bring about change. We intend to incorporate an SDGs-based perspective into our work and daily life.

We will continue to learn and take action toward realizing Pigeon's purpose: ‘‘We want to make the world more baby-friendly by furthering our commitment to understanding and addressing babies’ unique needs.’’