The 2021 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations (Japan- PM Hyogo)



Pigeon Manufacturing Hyogo Corporation (PMH) was, in March 2021, recognized by the 2021 Certified Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program in the SME category, repeating PMH’s initial success in achieving recognition under the program last year.

The program evaluates companies in eighteen areas, including employee health checkups, food, exercise, smoke-free workplace policies, and cardiac health.

Why did we decide to get certified?

PMH’s activities to receive this certification were not just for the company but for all employees. Many of the employees working at PMH do shift work. Statistically, shift workers are more susceptible to conditions like obesity and diabetes; their meal schedules are unavoidably irregular, and their diets tend to be unbalanced. PMH began these activities to offer encouragement and support for all employees to enjoy healthier, happier, and longer working lives.

Specific Initiatives

Reviewing the Vending Machine Beverage Lineup

Beverage lineup was changed to healthier options like designated health drinks and vegetable juice. Vegetable juice in particular was apparently very popular, with a strong positive response from employees.

Posters about Lifestyle-Related Illnesses

PMH created posters explaining symptoms and countermeasures for lifestyle-related diseases such as dyslipidemia and hypertension, and displayed them in the company cafeteria to encourage employees to think about their own health.

We will continue to create a workplace environment where our employees can work in good health.