Protecting the Environment with WWF Singapore (Singapore)

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Pigeon Singapore Pte Ltd. (PS) has partnered with WWF-Singapore (World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore) since April 2021 as part of PS's Go Green Program, which includes restoring degraded forest areas, supporting sustainable livelihoods for local rural communities, and environmental education and awareness activities.

NEWtrees Program (Forest Restoration)

As part of the partnership, 50 hectares of land has been rehabilitated with the planting of 5,000 seedlings in the rich landscape of Muaro Sungai Lolo, West Sumatra in Indonesia under the NEWtrees program. The NEWtrees Program is a program managed by WWF to restore forests by planting native tree species in degraded areas. Once planted, the trees will be cared for over two years to ensure they are given the best chance for survival.
They are geotagged and monitored over five years to track their potential to benefit both people and nature. The planting of fruit trees will provide the dual benefit of strengthening food security and providing income opportunities from the harvest and sale. It will also help to reduce pressure on forests from the unsustainable extraction of resources. This will in turn enhance ecosystem services provided by forests like watershed protection and reduce problems such as flooding and soil erosion while helping to mitigate against the impacts of climate change.

Support for local communities

We help local Indonesian communities build sustainable livelihoods. We provide support programs that equip people with the knowledge and skills to increase their income generating options with less environmental impact.

Environmental Education and Awareness Activities

We all know the adverse impacts of climate change and the urgency to take immediate action to mitigate against them. However, many of us may feel that we cannot make a difference on our own. The purpose of this educational activity is to provide an opportunity for each of our employees and customers to see how individual action can make a difference and to contribute to the fight against climate change.

Environmental Education for Employees

WWF-Singapore held an Our Planet: Our Business film screening for PS employees where they learned about the importance of global environmental protection, including the relationship between Climate Change and Deforestation. It showcased how the corporate sector can be a force for change to help restore nature.

Environmental Education for Kids

It is important to raise children's awareness of forests and biodiversity conservation to inculcate an environmental stewardship mindset from a young age. Through the partnership, we curated a series of Educational E-Resource kits which teachers and parents can use to teach their children about the key environmental topics and what they can do to protect nature.

Considering Environmental Conservation with Consumers

The first 1,000 customers who purchase the Natural Botanical Baby series of eco-friendly skincare products, which have been on sale in Singapore since August 2021, will receive an "Ambassador of Nature" digital certificate as part of reforestation activities. Tree owners can monitor the growth of their sapling via a QR code. In addition, PS also has an initiative on its website to encourage those who pledge to be sustainable in their daily lives as "Pigeon Go Green Ambassadors" to adopt a tree planted under WWF-Singapore's NEWTrees program.
PS will involve consumers and work with them on environmental considerations.

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We will continue this activity to "leave a rich earth for the future of babies born tomorrow.”