Nursing Bottles Recycling Campaign (Singapore)



Pigeon Singapore Pte Ltd. (PS) have started Nursing Bottles Recycling Campaign in 2019. PS have collected and recycled used nursing bottles in order to reduce the amount of plastic waste, aiming to achieve a sustainable society and ‘leave a rich earth for the future of babies born tomorrow.’

About the Nursing Bottles Collection

PS have set up collection fixtures or booths at various locations in Singapore such as stores, preschools and community center, to collect used baby bottles from customers. All brands of nursing bottles can be collected. PS offers a discount of up to 39% on PS nursing bottles for customers who bring their bottles. Since the launch of the campaign in 2019, we have collected a total of 35,702* bottles in the three years to December 2021. The number of births in Singapore in 2021 will be about 39,000 (Euromonitor 2021).
* Converted by weight per bottle of PPSU 160ml

About the Nursing Bottles Recycling

The nursing bottles collected at each location are collected and crushed at a processing facility in Singapore, and then reused as part of the raw material for other companies' plastic products. (The following products are examples.)

We will continue to this initiative with an eye to the future, after the products have played their parts.