Rubella ZERO Action



As part of our health and productivity management efforts, we are engaged in a variety of initiatives aimed at improving the health of employees and their families. As an example, in 2019, we launched the Pigeon Rubella ZERO Action Project to raise the prevalence of antibodies to rubella among employees. The project included subsidized antibody testing and immunization, and an in-house lecture to deepen understanding of rubella. We also donated funds to the Rubella Elimination Society, which is working to prevent the recurrence of rubella in Japan.

On 4th February, 2020, we received an award from the Rubella Zero Project Executive Committee, which is being promoted by the Japan Association of Obstetrics and Gynecologists, in recognition of our activities.

We will continue to implement Pigeon Rubella Zero Action to increase the proportion of employees with antibodies for rubella.