PhD Scholarship Sponsoring at the University of Leeds(UK)



Lansinoh aims to become climate neutral as a Corporate by 2030 and is committed to a sustainability program that is driven by science to deliver bold climate action along third-party certified emission reduction targets:
‘‘Scope 1&2: 46% reduction compared to 2019; Scope 3: 69% reduction per $ value added compared to 2019.’’
It is our ambition to support ongoing climate research and further strengthen knowledge as well as driving change. That’s why, we are sponsoring a three-year PhD Scholarship on climate science at the University of Leeds started from October 2020.

The Priestley International Centre for Climate based at the University of Leeds brings together world-leading expertise to deliver research that underpins robust and timely solutions that address climate change and its impact on society and ecosystems. The PhD researches the ‘Co-benefits of a low-carbon economy – improved air quality and reduced global warming’.

Air pollution is a leading health risk factor all around the world. Much of this air pollution is a result of burning fossil fuels, which is also a direct cause of climate change. The research will use next-generation chemistry and climate models to explore how the drive towards a low-carbon economy will not only address the issues of climate change, but also improve air quality and deliver a significant benefit for human health. The outcome should provide fundamental support for governmental decisions and help people being affected by air pollution.

Comments from Connor Clayton, Priestley PhD researcher

“I'm looking forward to getting started with this important research, exploring how to more clearly demonstrate that establishing a low carbon economy can not only reduce global warming, but also to improve our health. This is an exciting opportunity to make a significant contribution to the field that will help bridge the gap between the scientific world, the public and policymakers.”

We are delighted to have the opportunity to partner with the prestigious University of Leeds to deepen our engagement which is aligned with our dedicated support for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number 17 – Partnerships for the Goals. We will continue this action to support a healthy future for the babies and their families we serve as well as the planet we live on.