Certification of Lactation Consultant (Turkey)



In September 2020, A total of 20 employees from Lansinoh Laboratories Medical Devices Design Industry and Commerce Ltd.Co., our Turkish Lansinoh Factory, and the Lansinoh Türkiye office in Istanbul started their training to become certified Lactation Consultants.

What is a Lactation Consultant?

Lactation Consultants are people who have received special training from The Health Foundation of Turkey to support mothers who need help during breastfeeding, and want to make this process easier for them.

This training was organized on a voluntary basis in order for each of us dealing with breastfeeding products to further deepen our understanding of breastfeeding and to support mothers in need. After the training, they passed the certification exam and received the Lactation Consultant certificates in January 2021.
The first support sessions for mothers were started in May 2021 to support our employees and their families. Our certified participants gave a theoretical training first and were also doing some practical education in the factory’s breastfeeding room afterwards. We plan to expand our activities further in the future.

We will continue this activity as we aim to increase awareness about the importance of breastfeeding, and to provide information and solutions for the key breastfeeding problems.