Pigeon Wins Awards for Three Breastfeeding-Related Products at 2023 iF DESIGN AWARD


Pigeon Corporation (Headquarters: Tokyo; President and CEO: Norimasa Kitazawa) won awards for three products at iF DESIGN AWARD 2023, a global design competition organized by iF International Forum Design GmbH.

iF DESIGN AWARD is one of the world's three most prestigious design competitions, alongside the IDEA Awards (US) and the Red Dot Design Awards (Germany), recognizing the year's finest design work in seven : product design, packaging design, communication design, service design, architecture, interior architecture, and professional concept. This marks the fourth time Pigeon has won awards at iF DESIGN AWARD, following recognition in 2012 for "Chibion TOUCH," in 2017 for "Nipple for weak sucking," and in 2020 for "Soother for premature babies: Preemie Care."

At iF DESIGN AWARD 2023, Pigeon won awards for "Bonyujikkan Nursing Bottle, Nipple," "Pigeon Breast Pump handy fit+," and "Disposable Feeding Cup for Emergency."

 Bonyujikkan Nursing Bottle, Nipple

This nursing bottle and nipple were designed to let babies go smoothly back and forth between direct breastfeeding and bottle feeding, and use similar mouth movements as breastfeeding. The nipple has a Latch-on Line® showing approximately how deeply babies should latch onto it, and is made of a unique silicone rubber developed specifically for this product to achieve the softness needed for babies to drink smoothly. This combination lets babies latch on appropriately and use smooth tongue movements when feeding, offering welcome support to parents raising babies on breast milk.

 Pigeon Breast Pump handy fit+

This cordless electric breast pump is smart, simple, and surprisingly convenient, making it ideal for users seeking a simple, compact pump. To ensure reliable breast milk pumping with natural flow, it is equipped with a two-level "Preparation step" and a "Pumping step" adjustable in six levels according to breast condition.


Disposable Feeding Cup for Emergency

This cup can be used for hygienic feeding even in times of disasters and other emergencies; when nursing bottles cannot be cleaned or sterilized and normal feeding is impossible.


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