Personnel Development Policy (Pigeon Corporation)

Personnel Development Policy (Pigeon Corporation)

“We will provide each and every member of the company with the development opportunities they need to contribute as autonomous professionals through highly specialized skills and knowledge, continuously raising their value as human resources.”

Pigeon’s Code of Conduct includes a commitment to provide our employees with opportunities to increase their motivation and develop their capabilities to the maximum, support individual career development with respect for diverse viewpoints and value systems, and strive for personnel development that increases every employee’s capabilities and draws them out to the fullest.
To respond appropriately to globalization and other changes in our external environment, all employees must be supported in their development as autonomous professionals.

To that end, we offer education and training appropriate to each company member’s role, addressing the following key points:

・“Business skills” and “Business stance” development that transcends the boundaries between specific roles

・Professional development allowing employees to bring highly specialized skills and knowledge to bear on specific domains

・Development of personnel who can contribute in a global environment

・Fostering business cultures and providing opportunities with respect for diverse viewpoints and value systems

・Fostering a mindset of individual career visualization and proactive pursuit of career opportunities

Additionally, personnel development is carried out according to plan through appropriate evaluation of and feedback on content.

Established December 16, 2021

Education and Training Framework

In January 2021, in order to support each and every individual employee in becoming a professional with deep specialist skills and knowledge, we began establishing job groups in response to employee career aspirations and aptitude and transitioning toward a new HR framework that clarifies individual responsibilities and excludes time- and seniority-related elements. Based on the idea that employees should proactively pursue their own career advancement, our education and training also uses an entry-based system rather than designated attendance.

“Business stance” and “Business skills” development programs—respectively cultivating basic competencies as a working individual and skills that transcend job group boundaries for facing challenges, people, and oneself—are carried out across all departments. Specialist technical skills differ depending on department and role, so each department prepares and executes its own education and training framework for these areas. Next-generation management and global personnel development is carried out on a “selection and concentration” basis, with continuous, selective education and training for the target segments needed to drive Pigeon’s business forward.

Training Framework

Future executive leader candidates Development

In Future executive leader candidates Development Program, in order to ensure the lasting development of the Pigeon Group, we provide continuous training for Pigeon employees who will serve at the management level in future: “personnel expected to continually develop as people and raise corporate value based on the values expressed in the Pigeon Way.” The training is held on a six-year cycle, and the curriculum includes programs for discovery, development, application, and appointment, with each program developing and selecting from among participants along the way. Most past program participants are now active as core and management personnel.

Global Players & Supporters development

To continuously develop personnel who can contribute to global development and drive our business across national and regional boundaries, every three years we put out a call for global personnel candidates and offer training to those selected. Global personnel candidates are divided into the following two categories, with education and training provided as necessary, according to individual profiles, over a set period of one to three years.

Global players: Personnel expected to do business globally and request overseas postings at overseas subsidiaries in future

Global supporters: Japan-based personnel who will collaborate on projects with international centers and partners

Promoting continuous individual and organizational development

To promote continuous individual and organizational development, we provide opportunities for understanding diverse workstyles, perspectives, and value systems via diversity-related training and the Accelerate My Career program for career development. Under our right-brain invigoration measure in our key theme-based training, we hold “Dialogue in the Museum” events designed to improve perceptivity with respect for diverse viewpoints and value systems. We also have measures for promoting digital transformation (DX) in order to maintain and strengthen competitiveness and increase speed.
Furthermore, under the Accelerate My Career Program, which provides employees with opportunities and support for self-directed career development, we offer external postings, internal internships, volunteer opportunities, and internal recruitment, as well as regular career development training by age, self-reporting frameworks, and career development planning frameworks.

Appointment of Chief Learning Officer

Pigeon’s Chief Learning Officer (CLO) is responsible for strategic employee training from short-, medium-, and long-term perspectives, as well as successor development. The CLO leads the development of the training content needed to achieve management goals and the training frameworks needed for Pigeon’s development, based on the expected nature of the company’s businesses and organization in future. The CLO also evaluates whether education and training is being performed appropriately and according to plan and whether there are any problems with its content, and directs improvement if necessary. The position of CLO is held by the Administration Division Manager.