Contributing to Healthy Development Through Nutrition

Basic Approach

Weaning is a phase in which babies who have known nothing but drinking mother’s milk and dairy milk gradually become familiar with regular food and learn to eat, so that they can start obtaining nutrients from ordinary food.

As babies grow, they come to require more energy and nutrients than mother’s milk and dairy milk alone can provide. It is best to wean babies gradually according to their growth stage.

At Pigeon, we aim to contribute to the nutrition and healthy growth of weaning babies. To ensure that families can wean their babies easily and with peace of mind, we plan, develop, produce and market baby food and provide information to relieve parents’ anxieties and concerns during weaning.

Improving Nutrition of Babies

The nutrition babies need changes as they proceed from one growth stage to the next. At Pigeon, we develop baby foods from a wide range of carefully selected ingredients to deliver a balanced mix of those nutrients.
We also consider the size, consistency, thickening, and flavoring of the ingredients according to the stage of development of the baby's chewing ability as the baby grows, to provide baby food that babies can eat without difficulty.

In flavoring, our basic approach is to rely on the natural flavors of ingredients for a mild, light taste. Salt content is limited, in accordance with the autonomous standards of the Japan Baby Food Council.
To ensure parents’ peace of mind regarding the food their babies eat, Pigeon limits the types of food additives used and restricts their use to the bare minimum necessary. We also produce baby foods rich in iron and calcium, which can be hard for babies to ingest sufficiently.

To relieve families’ anxieties and concerns during weaning and help babies to experience the joy of eating, we provide information on our website, including guides for each stage of growth and easy and fun weaning recipes.
How to start weaning

Measures for Quality and Safety

To provide customers with safe and dependable products, the Pigeon Group specifies the Pigeon Quality Standards (PQS). These standards embody an original product-design approach and criteria that build safety, ease of use and durability into products from the product-development stage onward. By applying PQS globally, we are working to support and improve the design quality of our products manufactured worldwide.

In baby foods, we rigorously check the status of quality control on substances that affect food safety, such as agricultural chemical residues, microbes, allergens and impurities, adopting only raw materials that are safe and of high quality. At the product design stage, we strive to minimize risk by scrupulously examining the shape and physical properties of contents, confirming quality stability through storage tests and analyzing from multiple perspectives whether product contents, containers, packaging, etc. could cause injuries or accidents during use.

Committed to improving the quality of baby food, Pigeon is a proud member of the Japan Baby Food Council, we are working to make safe baby food available to consumers with confidence.

Japan Baby Food Council (Japanese site)

Communicating with Customers

At Pigeon, we want customers to choose our products based on a solid understanding of them. For that purpose, we take care to advertise our products appropriately and accurately. If a baby’s meal consists only of baby food, depending on the menu, the baby may not receive the necessary nutritional balance. It is said that the tastes cultivated and eating plans followed during infancy may affect the dietary habits of a lifetime. This means that, for children of this age, nutritionally balanced meals are vital. We believe that it is important to provide information on how to add a few ingredients to our products to improve nutritional balance when preparing meals at home. On our websites and social media, we provide information on recipes that are well-balanced and can easily be prepared at home.

Pakutto weaning recipes (Japanese site)

Pigeon official Instagram page (Japanese site)

Pigeon takes great care in devising informative and effective packaging. We not only design the packaging of our retort-pouch products according to product-description standards but also carefully analyze the information consumers are most careful to confirm when purchasing weaning foods. In this way we ensure that customers can choose the right product from a wide variety of choices.

Information displayed on the front of the package:

Recommended age in months for use

  • The recommended age in months for use is indicated on the front of the package in large, highlighted letters.

Size and hardness of the food

  • In addition to the recommended age in months for use, the size and hardness of the ingredients are also indicated according to the developmental stage of the baby’s chewing ability.

Nutritional balance

  • A radar chart is used to compare the nutritional balance between the nutrients that can be obtained from a single baby food product and the nutritional balance when a staple food is supplementarily added at home. In this way we clearly show that nutritional balance is improved when a staple food is added. (Retort Pouch series)

Food allergens

  • In addition to the 7 specified ingredients that are required to be displayed by law, our packaging displays all 21 items specified for optional display that are contained in the product.

Information displayed on the back of the package:

Expiration date

  • The expiration date, by which the product should be consumed if stored unopened, is indicated. To reduce food losses, the former practice of expressing the expiration date as date/month/year is replaced with month/year date.

How to use

  • The packaging uses illustrations to describe how to heat the product if the customer chooses to do so.
  • Warnings are prominently displayed, to prevent burns and other injuries that may occur while heating the product.


  • Ingredients are listed separately from additives in order of relative quantity from greatest to least.

Net content

  • Net weight, volume and quantity are all listed.

Quantity and calorific value of nutrients

  • The quantity and calorific value of each nutrient per serving is displayed.

Names and addresses of production and processing sites

  • The names and addresses of the production and processing suppliers for Pigeon products are listed.

Contact information

  • The packaging displays the telephone number and hours of operation of Pigeon’s Customer Service Center, for customers to contact in case of questions, inquiries or concerns.

Products that Support Important Nutrients for Babies’ Futures

Pigeon offers a wide range of supplements to support women’s nutrition from the period when they are trying to get pregnant, through pregnancy, and into the breastfeeding phase. These supplements are designed from the perspective of child development and health management for mothers. They include folic acid, DHA, iron, calcium, and zinc.

In addition to products, we actively strive to provide pregnant and breastfeeding women with vital information through various media. Feelings of unease are particularly common early in pregnancy, so we prepare and widely share information based on Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare guidelines, along with content supervised by doctors, to ensure that clear and accurate information reaches the women who need it most.

Pigeon's Supplement Series

Other Initiatives to Contribute to Babies’ Healthy Growth

Pigeon is committed to contributing to the healthy growth of newborns and other babies at the breastfeeding stage. To this end, Pigeon provides information, products and services and engages in a wide range of supporting activities. In terms of babies’ nutrition, mother’s milk is the best food for babies in their first six months of life. Based on that understanding, we have issued a “Statement in Support of Breastfeeding,” declaring our firm stance in support of breastfeeding.

Pigeon contributes to the healthy growth of each and every baby requiring specialized care through a wide range of products, services and supporting activities.

Related Information: Use of Certified Marine Products

Some Pigeon baby-food products include marine products (fish, shellfish, etc.).
Currently Pigeon does not use marine products certified by bodies such as the Marine Stewardship Council or the Aquaculture Stewardship Council. Our use of such certified products is 0% at the time of writing.
In the interests of sustainable use of marine products, Pigeon will consider the possibility of using such products going forward.