Approach to ESG

Reflecting its Corporate Philosophy, “Love,” Pigeon is committed to supporting the lives of people-including women in all phases of pregnancy, parents raising children, and the elderly-through the provision of specific products and services. Through these business activities, we will become a company that is indispensible to society, which we believe will lead to improvements in Pigeon’s corporate value based on environmental, social, and governance criteria. To achieve sustained improvements in corporate value, we recognize the necessity of actively and assertively responding to social, environmental, and other ESG issues. For this reason, we have included ESG as one of the 12 tasks to be addressed under our Sixth Medium-Term Business Plan. Our aim is to establish ESG-related policies and build frameworks for their implementation. We have set numeric targets for some of the tasks, and we will review and disclose details of our progress in order to make further improvements. ESG-related issues that are highly likely to affect Pigeon’s sustainable growth are specified below, and we are taking various actions to address them.

ESGIncreasing corporate valueReducing risk