Meeting Babies at a Home for Infants (Japan - Pigeon Home Products)


Employees from Pigeon Home Products Corporation have been visiting the Midorien Home for Infants (“Midorien”) in Fuji, Shizuoka, since 2018, to understand babies more closely and experience caring for them.

Midorien is home to infants who, for various reasons, cannot be cared for in households. Employees from Pigeon Home Products’ Research & Development Div. visit every year to experience caring for the babies there, including feeding them, bathing them, and putting them to bed. This gives employees a new appreciation for how much more delicate babies’ skin is than adults’—babies can develop a rash immediately even from a light sweat or a missed spot while being bathed, and are highly sensitive to changes in their living environments. These experiences are also opportunities for employees to realize once more that each baby has its own unique individuality, and note the importance of skin care in babies’ everyday life.

  • The Filbaby series of products

Pigeon Home Products also donate money and products to Fuyoukai, the social welfare corporation that operates Midorien. This year, we donated products from the Filbaby skincare series.

Pigeon Home Products will continue these employee visits to Midorien as part of our efforts to understand babies’ needs better and develop products that are not only reliable and safe but also have “quality that makes people want to choose and use them for important people, occasions, and things.”

Fuyoukai webpage (Japanese only)

The Midorien Home for Infants webpage (Japanese only)